Commercial Propane Services

We offer commercial propane tanks and custom fuel delivery for Bucks County businesses

commercialThroughout Solebury, Doylestown, Newton, Plumsteadville and other communities in our part of Pennsylvania, locally owned businesses are the heart of the economy. At East Coast Propane, we are immensely proud to be a family-owned and operated local business. We started small, like so many of our commercial clients, and grew quickly because of our dedication to meeting our customers’ specific needs.

When you choose the ECP team to be your commercial propane partner, you can feel confident that we understand and value your business. We are 100% committed to your success.

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Full-service fueling solutions for your business

Arranging fuel for your commercial heating systems, forklifts, fleet vehicles and other equipment can become a full-time job, if you don’t have a reliable propane partner. East Coast Propane is committed to meeting every one of your propane needs. We can set up propane tanks at your site, run gas lines and refill propane cylinders. Our committed team will discuss your propane consumption and put together a tailor-made delivery schedule to ensure that you’re never without the fuel you need.

Here are some of the commercial sectors that we serve


Restaurants and hospitality businesses

Our propane fires up commercial kitchen equipment in restaurants, hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses. These businesses also use our fuel to heat their spaces and their water. Propane clothes dryers handle tablecloths, napkins, towels, bedding and uniforms. Plus, propane powers amenities popular with patrons, like gas fireplaces, fire pits, patio heaters, and pool and spa heaters.

propane forklift

Propane forklifts

If you manage a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a distribution facility, a construction site or a big box retailer, you can attest to how crucial a well-operating forklift fleet can be. Propane forklifts offer exceptional lifting and moving capacity that does not diminish, even when their propane cylinders run low. You can run a propane forklift outdoors when it’s raining and inside without negatively affecting your air quality. And when it’s time to refuel your propane forklift, changing out a cylinder takes only minutes.

East Coast Propane supplies 33-pound propane cylinders for forklifts, and we can also set up on-site storage for you.

fleet fueling

Autogas fleet fueling

More and more vehicle fleets are slashing their emissions and their operation costs by converting from gasoline and diesel to propane autogas. Not only can making this change lower your carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide and other emissions, but propane offers average fuel savings of 30% to 50%!


Agriculture and landscaping

The farms, orchards, dairies and other agricultural businesses in our region count on propane for many vital functions, including the following:

  • temporary heat for barns, stables and outbuildings
  • irrigation pumps
  • crop drying
  • weed clearing without harmful herbicides
  • temporary power
  • equipment for moving, mowing and excavation

Similarly, landscaping companies throughout Bucks County and its surrounding communities use our fuel to power mowers and other equipment. We can provide cylinders or on-site propane tanks for your landscaping and agricultural needs.

food truck

Food trucks

Whether you’re slinging mouthwatering barbecue, delectable tacos, fried-chicken sandwiches or crêpes worthy of Paris, propane can power the equipment that keeps your food truck operational. East Coast Propane fills portable tanks that fuel cooktops, grills, ovens, fryers, broilers, warming stations and other food truck equipment.

If you’re interested in receiving propane from the dependable and professional East Coast Propane team, contact us today for a FREE estimate on our services. We’re ready to fuel your commercial success!

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