Propane Delivery

Trust a company that takes your home comfort seriously!

propane deliveryHomeowners in Bucks County and the surrounding communities know that the weather here can be unforgiving, especially when temperatures drop and the snow starts drifting down.

When you depend on propane for home heating, hot water and powering essential appliances, you want a fuel partner that’s committed to earning your business. That partner is East Coast Propane!

We started simply, with six fuel tanks, a single used delivery truck and a devotion to keeping Pennsylvania households comfortable and safe. We might have grown in the years that followed, but we remain a community company at heart. We are always fair and transparent in our pricing and offer customers flexible payment and pricing plans. Each and every ECP team member is dedicated to showing up for you when you need us and ensuring that you have the propane you need.

Use automatic propane delivery for 100% peace of mind

If you’ve ever run out of propane in your home fuel tank, you know that it’s not a pleasant experience. An unexpected run-out means you could be without heating, hot water, a working stove or a clothes dryer until you receive an emergency propane delivery. And before we can fill your tank, we have to perform a leak test.

Luckily, you can avoid all this hassle and expense by enrolling in East Coast Propane’s automatic delivery schedule.

With automatic delivery, we handle all the planning for you. We’ll track your fuel usage and arrange a propane delivery well in advance. You’ll have your place on our delivery route locked in, and we’ll get you your propane before you ever run low! Please note — a propane tank monitor is required for automatic delivery.

You can also opt for “will-call” service, if you want to contact us each time you need more fuel. Please bear in mind that you will be responsible for tracking your own propane levels. We strongly encourage you to reach out to our team when your tank is around 25% full.

What is wireless propane tank monitoring?

propane deliveryPropane tank monitoring enables you to take part in automatic delivery. This state-of-the-art device attaches directly to your propane tank and transmits real-time information about your propane levels.

You can track your monitor using a smartphone app, and ECP will track it, too. Then, we’ll know precisely how quickly you’re using fuel.

Customers who have tried propane tank monitors love them, and we can set you up quickly.

East Coast Propane does business differently!

We’re proud of the loyalty of our propane delivery customers — and we start each day determined to demonstrate that they made the right choice in home comfort partners.

We are always available to answer your emergency needs. Someone is on hand 24 hours a day, if you call. You won’t be routed to a machine or a call center in another hemisphere. Our employees live in the communities we serve, and we always pick up the phone.

For top-tier propane delivery service in Solebury, Doylestown, Newton and nearby towns, reach out to East Coast Propane and become a customer today.

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