Propane Tanks & Monitors

We have a comprehensive selection of propane tanks for Bucks County households

When you come to East Coast Propane, you’ll get more than reliable, courteous propane delivery service. We are here to make sure that you have the most secure, safe fuel storage to supply your heating system, hot water equipment, household appliances and outdoor amenities.

That’s why we stock a range of premium propane tanks for sale and rental. And you can trust our team to provide guidance on the best model for you. We also handle installation, connections and safety testing. Doing business with East Coast Propane means getting a different sort of service — prompt, professional and attentive to your family’s specific needs.

Rent a propane tank from us

Most of our propane delivery customers rent their propane tanks from us. There are many benefits to renting a tank. Our expert team can help you decide which tank is best for the size of your home and the number of propane appliances you have. From there, we handle the placement, the installation, the connections and the testing of your propane tank. New customers typically receive a free evaluation and tank installation!

As long as you’re an ECP tank rental customer, we will handle all the tank upkeep for you.

When you consider that purchasing a propane tank can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars — and you’ll be on the hook for tank installation, maintenance and repairs — renting your tank can be a great value.

Reach out to the ECP team! We’ll provide you with a free estimate, and we never up-charge you later.

Propane tank sizes we sell

propane tank sizesWhether you’re renting or buying from us, you can choose from a range of propane tank sizes, including:

Try propane tank monitoring from East Coast Propane

At East Coast Propane, we endeavor to provide customers with low-stress, no-surprise propane delivery options. But if your propane use is unpredictable — because of frequent guests, long periods away on business, high-usage appliances, like pool heaters, etc. — it can be tough to determine when you’ll run low on fuel.

The same is true for people who arrange propane deliveries for relatives, or who manage rental properties or host on Airbnb.

For these customers (and others), we recommend our state-of-the-art wireless propane tank monitors. We’ll attach a monitor to your tank, and it will transmit real-time propane levels to you and us. Both you and the ECP team will know precisely when you’re due for a propane delivery. A tank monitor is required to take part in automatic propane delivery.

Let East Coast Propane set you up with a dependable, top-quality propane tank. Reach out to us to become a customer.

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