Home Heating Using Propane

Heating and Furnaces

With the limited availability of natural gas and rising cost of oil, there is good reason that people are switching to propane because it is one of the most cost-efficient options on the marketplace today.  People over the Philadelphia area are realizing the benefits of propane over the disadvantages of oil, natural gas and electric.

When comparing propane furnaces and fuel oil, oil has 30% higher emissions. Plus, propane heaters need almost no maintenance and because of this, have almost zero annual maintenance costs!  With the added benefit of having the option to store the tanks above or underground, homeowners and commercial buildings are discovering the benefits.

Homeowners can usually expect to get about 20 years from their propane furnace, whereas electric heat pumps only last an average of 12 years.  Additionally, when propane for gas fireplaces are compared to wood-burning fireplaces they emit 40 times fewer emissions and cost a staggering amount less to operate.  Pool heaters are even becoming a more popular option that traditional electric heating.

It’s easy to see that propane heating is making a big impact on homes and businesses alike.  Contact us now to learn about our propane furnaces and the rest of our propane services.